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Game Night 02/05/2016 – Pandemic Legacy


Pandemic Legacy – Rob Daviau and Mark Leacock (Z-man Games)

Well, we finally started our Pandemic Legacy game, and let me tell you.. it’s a blast.  There is a reason this game is currently rated number one on  There is just something about the finality of ripping up a card when the rules order it to be destroyed.  I honestly, got a burst of anxiety when one of the players shredded an objective card and tossed the pieces on the table.

Our group completed the “encounter” (we’ll call it that to avoid any spoilers) after our second attempt.  We found it to play much like the original Pandemic game, and just as difficult.  The difference is that the game continues on and much like the viruses you’re eradicating.. it mutates into something much more.  We have no clue what will happen during our second session but there is one thing we can be sure of… fun.

Our only suggestion, play the game with the same core group and be prepared to yell at each other.. a lot!


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