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3000+ Cheaters tricked and banned from CS:GO


If you’ve played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for any amount of time, you have in all likelihood encountered a cheater.  The game is so permeated with cheating, they’ve developed a system called Overwatch, where trusted players are recruited to view gameplay of suspected cheaters.  Even with the Overwatch system, cheaters are often found in all aspects of the game, especially in competitive matches where a players performance and win/loss record decide their overall rank within the game.

Enter AndroidL from Reddit.  In a brilliantly devious scheme, AndroidL created a bogus hack for CS:GO that offered aim assist, wallhack, bunnyhop etc.  The hacks actually worked, that is until the timer that AndroidL  inserted in the code suddenly began resetting the cheaters health and ammo settings.. guaranteeing a ban from the game’s built in VAC system.

In all, over 5500 trolls downloaded the hack in about  a 2 week period.  AndroidL posted pics of the dimwits complaining about the hack in the forums (see them HERE).  Check out his post on Reddit for the full details.  Great work AndroidL!!!!

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