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Boardgame Night – Champions of Midguard


Champions of Midguard is a viking themed game where players battle to gain glory and become the most renowned warrior in Midguard.  The game uses a worker placement mechanic as a means to recruit armies or resources to defeat your armies.  Each player can recruit among three different types of armies, swordsmen, axemen and spearmen.  Armies come in the form of colored dice, each having different strengths and weaknesses.  Champions must choose the appropriate warriors to fight their battles as each enemy has various immunities to certain attack types.  To defeat more powerful foes and gain higher glory, Champions must journey through the sea and face unknown consequences on their way to battle. The player with the highest victory point total at the end of 8 rounds is crowned Jarl and earns the title:  Champion of Midguard.  All in all this game was ALOT of fun and I would highly recommend it to enhance your boardgame night.



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