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Boardgame Night – January 29, 2016


Boardgame Night – January 29, 2016

T.I.M.E Stories:  The Asylum – by Peggy Chassenet and Manuel Rozoy

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Source Code” where Jake Gyllenhaal is repeatedly sent back in time to relive 8 minutes of of a train bombing so that he can discover who the bomber is and prevent the tragedy from occurring, then you’ve got a fair idea of how this game works.

Players take the role of Time Cops who are sent back or forward in time to investigate and alter significant historical events.  In this case, you are sent to an asylum in the early 1900’s to investigate the disappearance of several patients.  Players choose the patient who’s identity they want to assume, and in return gain that patients special ability and character flaw.

Sounds easy?  Not quite.  You have a total of 3 trips to complete your mission and the amount of time you can spend investigating is limited.  Depending upon the choices the players make, they will learn pieces of the mystery during each trip.  Can the players solve the mystery before time runs out?  Success or failure then affects the next investigation the players face.

All in all, T.I.M.E. Stories was one of the best cooperative board games I’ve played.  Unfortunately, once you’ve played the game, then you know all the secrets.  Thankfully, you can purchase additional mysteries in the form of expansion packs and keep the adventure going!

Blood Rage – Eric Lang

Blood RageWe had a lot fun with this card-drafting area control game, but damn was it stressful!  Blood Rage is a Viking themed game where players control Viking clans that are battling for a place in Valhalla as Ragnarok dooms the world!  We played with 3 players and unfortunately the victory only came down to 2 people as the 3rd made some early mistakes and could never catch up.  What was interesting is that I played a strategy that I would gain points by losing every battle and nearly won the game.  Actually, I would have won the game had it not been for a lucky card play the winner made that cancelled 8 of my victory points.  I enjoyed the game, but it probably wasn’t much fun for my friend who had to go through the motions while knowing he wasn’t even in the race.

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