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DIY Tumbling Dice Game


DIY Tumbling Dice Game

I recently discovered the game awesome dexterity game, Tumbling Dice at our weekly boardgame night.  A friend of mine broke out the board and its soon became one of our favorites.  Every week, after we finished our boardgames for the night, we’d spend an hour or so battling it out on the Tumbling Dice board.

IMG_20151224_203028If you’ve never heard of the game, head on over to Boardgame Geek and check it out.  Basically, the game is a 3 tiered piece of plywood that plays similar to shuffleboard, but with dice as the pucks.  Each player takes turns strategically flicking dice down the board, trying to achieve a higher score.  Each area on the board is marked with a multiplier that doubles, triples, or even quadruples the number shown on your dice.  After all players have flicked their dice, scores are tallied and another round commences.

IMG_20151224_202945All in all, a simple but strategic game that is great for game nights, family events or parties.  Unfortunately, the game board is difficult to find and priced over $100.  Lucky for me, I found this great article from drewpdoane on Reddit that inspired me to make my own Tumbling Dice board.  And you know what?  It was as easy as it was fun.  Especially because drewpdoane was nice enough to share the plans he used to make it.  I’ve uploaded them HERE in case they are no longer available on the Reddit article.

Depending on the materials, you can easily make a board for under $50.  If you buy a full sheet of plywood, you could easily make two, maybe even three boards.  I found the small bumpers and the stencil at Michaels crafts for just a few bucks.  Other than that, you just need a circular saw, drill, screws, paint and sandpaper.  Good luck and happy tumblin!

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