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The Emerald Spire Super Dungeon

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    Emerald Spire
    Six miles northeast of Fort Inevitable lies one of the deepest and strangest dungeons to be found anywhere in the lands of
    the Inner Sea—the Emerald Spire. Like an iceberg, this weird structure shows only a small portion of itself above the surface;
    level upon level of hidden vaults and mysterious crypts lie buried deep below the ground. Few of the people living in Fort
    Inevitable or the surrounding lands have even the slightest inkling of the dungeon’s true extent, let alone its astounding age.
    Standing in a wide clearing within the Echo Wood, the Emerald Spire is the ruin of a large Azlanti tower that appears
    to be made of green glass harder than stone. The upper portions of the tower were destroyed long ago, leaving broken, halfmelted
    glass blocks lying jumbled around the tower’s perimeter and the ground nearby. The site is well known to locals from
    both Fort Inevitable and Thornkeep, and many travelers passing through the Crusader Road area make the trek into the
    forest to look on the ruins—from a safe distance. The Spire’s ruins are known to be infested with dangerous monsters, and
    the surroundings attract an unhealthy number of bandits, raiders, and hungry predators.

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    Grab your torches and ropes! Its time for an old school, dunegon delving adventure. Designed for four level 1 PC’s and using the fast leveling track, the Emerald Spire offers 16 levels to test your dungeoneering skills. Enter as a novice, exit as a battle hardened level 12 expert. Or in a body bag. Here’s a few tips to get you started.

    1. The Spire is a dungeon that plunges deep into the earth. In other words, its dark. If you’re a race that doesn’t have darkvision, then you better find a way to see in the dark. Holding a torch in one hand while fighting off hordes of monsters is a good way to get yourself dead.

    2. Be sure your character is well rounded with dungeoneering skills, but can still dish out some damage! Healing in Pathfinder is meant to be done AFTER the fight is over, or in extreme emergencies. Remember, he faster you kill, the less healing you’ll need. With that being said, you will need a party member who can help restore lost attributes or remove curses/diseases/poison.

    3. Monsters are not your only concern in the Emerald Spire. Rumor has it that the Spire holds all kinds of obstacles and traps that will quickly kill a party if they let their guard down. You’ll need a party member who can spot and disable traps.

    4. You are EXPLORING the Spire, not destroying it. In other words, your mission is to survive the dangers of the spire and document your adventures, all while fattening your purses with loot. Not every creature you come across in the spire is evil and you may need the help of various NPC’s to keep you alive. Be prepared to use diplomacy as an alternative to violence or pay the consequences of character death.. or lost XP.

    5. The Spire is located near Fort Inevitable, which in all likelihood will be their chosen “homebase” for recouperating and resupplying. The party should be familiar with the town and learn its politics. This can gain them valuable information, discounts on gear and healing services, and other needed services. Be friendly!

    6. Rumor has it that the first level is the most difficult. Dont expect to waltz in and crush your enemies or you’ll find yourself immediately down a party member or two, or three. Be crafty and think your approaches through.

    7. Each level of the Spire is a completely new experience. Some levels communicate with others, some don’t. You will need to be cautious and gain as much information that you can about the levels below, before delving deeper!

    8. Rumor has it the Spire carries some strange magic that allows transportation between floors. It will be up to the PC’s to figure how it works.

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