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Friday Boardgame Night – 10/30/2015


Another Halloween themed game night!


We definately got our fill of horror themed games this month and the night before Halloween was no exception!  First up…

‘Till Dawn – by Richard Launius

A fun little push your luck game where players portray vampires and try to collect as much blood as possible before the sun comes up.  Should you take the risk and stay out late for more blood?  Or lose it all when the sun pops up before you get back to your coffin?  Vampire with the most blood at the end of 3 nights is the winner!

It’s Alive!! – by Yehuda Berlinger

its aliveWe channeled our inner Frankenstein and played a quick game of It’s Alive by Reiver Games.  Players take turns bidding for body parts to build the perfect monster or sell their unused body parts to increase their stash for future purchases.  Secretly piece together your body parts and be the first to complete your monster for bonus points.  Player with the highest victory points at end of game is the winner!


Mysterium – by Oleksandr Nevskiy and Oleg Sidorenko

mysterium2Mysterium is co-op game that is set sometime in the 1920’s.  One player takes the role as ghost of a murder victim who tries to solve his/her murder by sending vague messages to psychics (players).  The ghost is unable to speak but gives clues to the players in the form of cryptic visions.  These visions portrayed to the players in the form of cards bearing artwork that can be interpreted in many ways.  If you’ve ever played the popular game Dixit, then you will understand the mechanic of these cards (see picture left).  The players try to move through the game by correctly guessing the identity, the location and the murder weapon that killed the ghost.  If the mystery is solved, the ghost is released from their haunting and everyone is a winner!

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