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Friday Game Night 10/23/15 – Zombies & Crones!


Halloween is just around the corner!  And with Halloween… comes the zombies and witches!

The Village Crone – designed by Anne Marie DeWitt

villagecroneWe started out the night with this gem by Fireside Games.  Players take on the role of a witch who, with the aid of their familiars, manipulate the town villagers to do their bidding.  Of course, witches spells need ingredients, so they must send out their familiars to collect the ingredients.  Then using those ingredients, they cast spells to move villagers from place to place, make them fall in love, or transform them into lowly toads.  Why?  To match the requirements of their evil schemes and earn victory points!

Run, Fight or Die!!! – designed by Richard Launius

Another zombie apocalypse game???  Of course!  This one turned out to be my favorite so far.  Run, Fight or Die is played like a tower defense game where each player has their own board and must fight off the zombie hoard or die a horrible death.  Zombies enter the board in Zone 3 (they see you) then move their way through Zone 2 (they’re coming) and Zone 1 (they’re on you!).  For every zombie that moves past Zone 1 a wound is caused.  Suffer enough wounds and your character dies!  The other players then add up their scores to determine the winner.  Of course, as with every zombie game there are tools, followers and mutant boss zombies to contend with!  Now, how do you deal with these zombies?  By rolling dice of course!  How well you roll, and re-roll determines how many zombies you remove from the board, how many more enter the board and whether you gain any bonuses.. or summon a mutant zombie.  What a great game!  We played with the Girls expansion that added new characters and a “cellphone” die.  Everytime you roll the cellphone icon.. the zombies hear it and move forward.  A great and hilarious mechanic!  This is a must have game if you like the zombie apocalypse theme!

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