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Random Encounter #23 – The Blood of My Friends


The Blood of My Friends

Area:  This encounter takes place in any population center.

Situation:  Late one night, as stormy weather fill the evening sky, the party finds refuge in a comfortable tavern.  Just as a clap of lightning strikes, the doors fly open to reveal a scantily clad, unwashed, muscular man.

The man steps up to the bar and calls for food and drink, tossing several pieces of gold on the bar.  Then, his refreshment in hand, he walks over to  a table, shoves a smaller man out of the way, and sits down to enjoy his meal.

Virtually inhaling his food and gulping down his drink, he calls for more.  The serving wench brings him an extra plate of mutton, but sheepishly replies that they are out of his drink of choice.  When asked why, she hesitantly points to a party member and mentions that character ordered the last drops.  The barbarian promptly shoves the maid aside, stands dramatically, and walks over to the group.  Then he throws down several more gold on the table and proceeds to pry the drink from the character’s hand.

If the character brawls with the barbarian, he or she earns a trustworthy friend, one who realizes that the PC is mightier and therefore more able.  Otherwise, nothing more is said of the incident.

(TSR Advanced DnD Encounter Deck – 1994)

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