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Random Encounter #17 – An Eye for an Eye


An Eye for an Eye

Location:  Populated city or town

Scenario:  At some time during the PC’s stay in a medium sized town or city (or possibly as they arrive), they witness a trio of rogues being executed in the town square.  They quickly learn the trio are being accused of minor theft offenses and the town’s policy against theft of any kind is a swift death.

The PC’s discover that the town is being ravaged by mysterious thieves as of late and no one is safe.  The guards scrutinize and search all new comers and the local thieves’ guild has been run out of town.  Still the thefts persist and everyone is on edge.  False accusations run rampant and the populace is at each other’s throats.

A short time later, the PCs discover a valuable item of theirs has gone missing.  (Choose an item that is precious to one or more of the PC’s so they are motivated to track it down.  As an idea to add more drama, you could draw the PC’s into a situation where they attempt to use the item and find it missing, such as a magic weapon or wand).

The PC’s investigation will lead them to an old warehouse near the docks that is accessed by a secret door in the alley.  There they will find the hideout of a band of rogues who are using the warehouse as their base of operations while they pillage the city.  The PC’s should discover the rogues are in the process of packing up their horde of stolen property and preparing to move on to greater pickings.

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