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Random Encounter #19 – Watch Your Back


Watch Your Back

Location: Medium City

Scenario: The city guard takes a good hard look at any thieves in the party, or those who dress similar to rogues. The PC thieves, or those dressed like ones, are avoided by the populace and watched closely. Those caught stealing find out quickly about the penalty for theft: immediate death.

The PCs learn that nothing is safe in town. There is a group of thieves who have stolen from just about everyone from the merchant class to the local nobles. The local thieves’ guild has been imprisoned, killed, or run out of town. Yet, even that did nothing to stop the thefts.
Soon enough the PCs find themselves victims of thieves at work. Something of value is stolen by one of the Githzerai thieves working this town. If the item lost is extremely valuable, it should motivate the PCs to find the Githzerai lair in town.

They can locate the culprit with tracking or true sight. They find the lair in an old warehouse by entering through a secret door in the alley. In the Githzerai’s local lair the PCs find 30,000 cp (or a treasure that is relevant to your rpg system).

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