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Random Encounter #21: First Impress-ions


First Impress-ions

Area:  The encounter occurs when the party is near the waterfront docks in a port city.

Situation:  While leaving a dockside tavern late at night, the party members hear a muffled scream in a nearby alley.  Moving to investigate, they can barely make out two figures mugging a third in the shadows of a dead-end alleyway.  If the party confronts the muggers, they will be largely ignored until most of the party has left the main street.  At that time, all three figures will turn to face the party with blackjacks drawn.  In addition, nine more men enter the alley to cut off escape.

The dozen ruffians are actually members of a press gang for the navy.  Hoping to impress the party into shipside labor, the gang will work to avoid permanently wounding any of the party members.  In addition, the individual gang members will bolt the first time they take damage.

Any party members who fall unconscious will be dragged away by two to the ruffians, who are willing to deplete their own numbers to capture as many of the characters as they can.

Tracking down kidnapped companions will be hindered by the “see-nothing, hear-nothing” attitude of the people who live near the wharf.

(TSR Advanced DnD Encounter Deck – 1994)

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