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Random Encounter #22 – The Inquisition


The Inquisition

Area:  A highly religious town, dominated by a very large temple in the city center.  The town’s mayor is also the main religion’s high priest.

Situation:  Unless the PCs have actively sought out the local laws, they will not know of the ban on non-religious magic and non-native religion magic.

The PCs find themselves accosted, after dark, by a group of thugs.  The thugs waste no time waylaying the party.  Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how the fight was handled, the city guard arrives swiftly and the thugs run away.

If the PCs used magic for defense or healing, and are seen by the guard, they are detained for the Inquisitors, who arrive to question the PCs about the infraction.

Should the PCs tell the truth and admit they were unaware of the law, they will be asked to leave the city immediately.  If they lie, denying they used magic, they are brought before the religious court the next day, with a maximum penalty of death for using magic and perjury.

(TSR Advanced DnD Encounter Deck – 1994)

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