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Encounter #25 – Youthful Ambitions


Youthful Ambitions

Area:  This encounter takes place in a small town or village.

Situation:  After a short stay in town, the party heads on to whatever adventures await.  Just as the PCs reach the outskirts of town, a 12 year old boy leaps out from behind a brush and beings slashing at the party with a crude wooden sword.

The boy continues to jab at the party members until he is subdued, either by disarming him, threatening the use of true violence (promises of a spanking only encourage the youth), or by actually besting him in a mock battle (best done with blunt weapons).

Once calmed, the boy explains that he was simply trying to demonstrate his adventuring prowess, for he hopes to accompany the party on their journeys.

The boy can actually be talked out of following the party, but only with considerable effort and guile.  (For example: Perhaps you should remain here to better protect your parents’ farm.”)

If the PCs do decide to let him travel with them, they find him to be as much a nuisance as could be expected.  Within hours, the boy whines about the uncomfortable road and lack of good food.  In addition, his angry parents and fellow townsfolk will set out after the boy and his “kidnappers.”

(TSR Advanced DnD Encounter Deck – 1994)

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