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Encounter #26 – Old Rations


Old Rations

Area:  This encounter occurs deep in a subterranean labyrinth.

Situation:  While exploring rotted ruins, the party enters what must have been a storeroom for food, evident by the various casks and crates.  Poorly clothed characters may notice that the temperature of the area is slightly below averaged.  As the party first opens the door, they are overwhelmed by the disgusting odor of rotten food.

The source of the smell is easy to locate, for growing out from one of the food crates is golden-brown-colored mold (Enemy: Brown Mold).  The mold’s furry texture consumes the wooden box almost entirely.  If any of the characters comes within 5 feet of the mold, the fungus will immediately try to absorb the character’s body heat.  If an of the party’s light sources are heat generating, the mold will grow, possibly even doubling in size.  The mold is not conscious, having no intelligence or alignment.  There is nothing of value in the area, so party members may avoid the damage of the heat absorption by departing the area providing they were not killed or knocked unconscious by the mold’s 4d8 hp of damage.

(TSR Advanced DnD Encounter Deck – 1994)

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