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Steam Christmas Sale 2015!


The Steam Holiday Sale is here!

Finally!  If you’re like me, you’ve been putting off purchasing a dozen new games on Steam for that one special time of the year.  The Steam Winter Holiday sale!  And this year doesn’t disappoint!  Thousands of games are going on sale now until January 4th of next year!  Have you been waiting for Witcher 3 to finally drop in price?  Well its now cut in half, down to a more reasonable $30.00.  Most all the other popular titles have dropped as much as 50% as well.   Personally, I’ve snatched up a treasure trove of cheap but awesome indie games, each for under $5 bucks!  Unfortunately, you’ll still have to wait for Fallout 4 to drop from its perch at $60. But who knows.. a miracle might happen for the holidays so keep your eye on it!

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